Zoom II teeth whitening

Whitening agents approved by KFDA

The best-selling whitening agent, Zoom II is gel type agent containing RELIFE ACP. It eases hypersensitivity reaction and helps the effect of white teeth last long.

100% US imported materials guarantee safe & effective teeth whitening at hus-hu

Teeth whitening uses special bleaching gel on the teeth surface to brighten up the shade or color of the teeth. There are two different whitening procedures: in-office whitening and self-whitening at home. In-office teeth whitening uses highly concentrated bleaching gel for faster results. Self-whitening at home takes slightly longer since the concentration level of the bleaching gel is lower than that used in-office for your safety. Patients use customized trays and bleaching gel for 2 hours during the daytime or while you sleep at night for 2 weeks. Materials for teeth whitening are all imported from the US and proven its safety for both gums and teeth. Some patients may experience temporary hypersensitivity, which is a common symptom. If that happens, stop the procedure temporarily and resume 1~2 days after.

Zoom II Program

Zoom is the most popular teeth whitening kit over the World. Zoom whitening kit is composed of Relief ACP and Cool Cold Light. Relief ACP, approved by Discus Dental Inc., whitens your teeth while Cool Cold Light enhances the efficiency of whitening action by 26% without applying heat which often makes you feel uncomfortable. Zoom II teeth whitening procedure is a perfect choice for busy individuals.


☞ Complete 1-Day Zoom II Whitening Program requires 3 cycles of 15-minute session.

Video of Zoom 2 Procedure