Wisdom Teeth Extraction

1.  Simple extraction

Teeth extraction can be performed easily because the location and direction of impaction and root shape are relatively simple.

2. Complex extraction

Teeth extraction can be difficult because the tooth seats far in the corner or root shape is tricky for the treatment.

Wisdom teeth treatment

1. Equipment for making accurate diagnosis

Inflammation around wisdom tooth makes the alveolar bone melt away and the alveolar bone of the molar next to the wisdom tooth also can be melted away.

2. Treatment period and run-time of the operation

・When patients feel pain on their wisdom teeth,

Patients will take X-ray, disinfect and prescribe medication that alleviates inflammation and pain. After three to five days later taking the medication, operation schedule will be set for the extraction. The tooth extracted area will be disinfected and the stitches will be taken out one week later to finish the operation.

In general, surgical extraction takes from 2~30 minutes to two hours depending on the condition of the teeth. The run-time is different because each patient has different impaction of wisdom teeth, surrounding teeth’s and roots’ condition and proximity degree from neural canal.


Precautions before and after teeth extraction

1. Precautions when extracting wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth are located closer to nerve than other teeth so making accurate diagnosis through dental CT is crucial. More importantly, it is highly advisable for patients to receive treatment in the dental clinic with enough clinical experience.

2. Symptoms and post treatment after teeth extraction

・Symptoms can be followed as below after teeth extraction

– There is bleeding in the extracted area. – Lips may be a little torn up because patients with mouth open get pressed on lips during teeth extraction for a long time – Patients may have pain in jaw, cheek swollen or bruised. – Some patients may have fever. – • All symptoms above will disappear in one to two weeks depending on patients’ temporomandibular condition and sensitivity.

・Post Treatment after the Wisdom Tooth Extraction

– Hold gauze between the teeth for two to three hours and refrain from spitting up blood and saliva. – Take cold and soft food and do not use straw when eating foods the very day of extraction. – Do not use toothbrush on gums and gently rinsing mouth frequently will help relieve pain.- Take relax and comfort abstaining from smoking and drinking. – Do not take hot bath or sauna and have excessive exercise the very day of extraction. – Massage with cold pack on the extracted area for one to two days will be effective for relieve swelling and pain (five minutes break in ten minutes of massage).