What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth Whitening that is completed only in one day. Teeth Whitening is to increase brightness of teeth by improving teeth color. The treatment aims at turning discolored pigmentation of teeth into white by using high concentrated medicines and a special ray without teeth damage. So patients can expect to have whitening effects within short time along with a seamless and careful concern. Also they can get white and transparent teeth just like celebrities.

How Teeth Whitening Works

  • Medicinal therapy using carbamide peroxide

HYDROGEN PEROXID bleaches pigmentation of teeth that was created by various causes. As an oxidizing agent, it is capable of forming free radical. The free radical divides protein into a peptide and amino acid that are water-soluble molecule. It flocks to the area where double bonds are and forms EPRXIDE. Teeth color turns into colorless when these double bonds are removed. It is the same principal that detergent makes the laundry white.

  • Phototherapy using blue wavelength of visible light

Teeth Whitening treated by phototherapy is a high-tech whitening treatment using blue wavelength that exists in the scope of visual field of human. Unlike other medicinal therapy in which medication and a ray are used together, phototherapy provides effective whitening results only within 20 minutes. The bleaching agent using in phototherapy is specifically produced to interact with a ray. As a result, the agent makes teeth white fast interacting with blue wavelength coming from treatment equipment.

Teeth Whitening Process


Candidates for Treatment

One who cannot smile confidently due to yellow tooth.

One who wants to have a new start with bright and white teeth after quitting smoking

One who prepares for a wedding or getting a job.

One who wants to give pleasant impression to others in social interaction.

Post-treatment care

  • Fluoride can cause counteraction on whitening agents so it is desirable to use whitening toothpaste for one month.
  • It is advisable to refrain from too hot and cold foods when feeling sensitivity. Patients can take a pain reliever when teeth sensitivity is too severe.
  • Teeth color will change to in-between color before and after the whitening treatment in two to three years. The turning point is varied depending on the type of food intake. Receiving teeth scaling once a year would be helpful for patients to maintain clean teeth. Self-whitening facilitates the effect of teeth whitening lasts longer.