Candidates for Cosmetic Dentistry

01. Patients who cannot smile broadly due to gapped front teeth, broken or chipped teeth.’

02. Patients who want to smile confidently.

03.Patients who want to receive orthodontics but hesitate due to time and appearance.

04. Patients who have a color change and discolor on teeth.


What is Minimal Laminate?

Minimal tooth trimming laminate is one of cosmetic dentistry methods to make the front teeth beautiful without teeth trimming. Ceramic veneers, 0.2mm width are used in this treatment to bring out even and beautiful teeth without any teeth trimming.

Treatment process

❶ Make a diagnosis and plan

In order to set a plan of minimal tooth trimming laminate, dentists take pictures or scan X-ray of teeth, if needed. Checking teeth color and taking a plaster cast of the teeth to examine the exact teeth shape.

➋Producing model veneers

Making model veneers which fits to patients teeth to check the color and shape. If patients like the model, dentists start to produce minimal tooth trimming laminate.

❸Producing veneers for minimal tooth trimming laminate

Procedures of taking an impression and checking teeth color and shape are performed to make veneers fit with patients’ teeth.

➍ Set for minimal tooth trimming laminate