The process of orthodontic treatments


Orthodontic treatment involves resolution of the irregularities that can occur in the mouth which can be successfully corrected, increasing self-confidence, dental health and general well-being through an orthodontic consultation. Misaligned teeth are harder to keep clean and the risk of tooth decay and gum disease is increased. They also cause improper chewing and digestion problem. There are many ways to straighten teeth, which can improve patient’s appearance, oral hygiene, and overall care of their teeth.

Types of orthodontic treatments

Growth modification treatment
Growth modification treatment for the adolescent includes fixed or removable appliances that have been designed to correct dental discrepancies during the growth period in teenagers.

Fixed appliances-braces
Fixed Appliances are devices or equipments that are attached to the teeth. The fixed braces can be used for teens and adult patients

Correction with orthognathic surgery
Surgical-Orthodontic Treatment requires fixed braces treatment in conjunction with a corrective jaw surgery procedure.

The process of correction with orthognathic surgery

Pre-consultation / Clinical examination and diagnostic information collection
Clinical examination and interviews for patients who visit the clinic regarding the teeth and facial factors will be conducted to check their oral health including cavities, gum conditions, and teeth alignment.

Data analysis and diagnosis
A second follow-up stage will allow us to compile the data to establish the most appropriate treatment plan.
In-depth medical examination for an accurate diagnosis is taken based on various diagnostic procedures, including Cephalometric and panoramic X-rays, mouth and face pictures, and plaster casts of the mouth


01. Panorama dental X-ray

02. Cepalometric Radiography

03. Photograph of jaw joint

2nd Consultation
Based on the data collected, the issues are diagnosed and analyzed. Then, a detailed treatment plan, treatment period, type of brace to be used, and estimated cost are decided.

Treatment Process
The treatment begins when orthodontic appliances are mounted based on the treatment plan.

Maintenance appliances after orthodontic treatment
Right after orthodontic appliance removal, it is necessary to wear a retainer for a certain period of time to help maintain your teeth and prevent any future misalignment.


Follow-Up Care
After your orthodontic treatment and maintenance appliances, called retainer, are completed, regular check-ups with your general dentist are critical to maintain optimum dental health.

  • Managing general discomfort
    It is normal to feel some discomfort after fitting braces to the inside of your mouth. Using a fluoride mouth rinse or warm salt water rinse for a few minutes will help clean your mouth and keep your teeth strong.
  • Report breakages
    Even if you are careful with your braces, they may occasionally break or become loose. If this happens, it is important to make an appointment to get them fixed as soon as you can, so your treatment stays on track.
  • Maintenance of a proper oral hygiene
    During orthodontic treatment, the appliances you may need to wear can trap food particles easily compared to your natural teeth. Food that becomes trapped near tooth surfaces can lead to the formation of plaque. There are some special tooth-cleaning products, including a soft-bristle toothbrush, floss threaders and an interdental brush, for keeping your teeth and your appliances clean.
  • Foods that should be avoided or consumed with care
    In case of using brackets made of ceramic or resin, stain producing foods and beverages, like Kimchi, curry, coffee and tea, are best to be avoided and brush your teeth or rinse your mouth with water immediately after consuming the foods.
  • Team effort

    Good orthodontic treatment can be created by a team effort where everyone — our orthodontists and support staff and you — has an important role to play. Wear the appliance correctly, and if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us.