Get white teeth simply by performing self-treatment at home!

Customized teeth whitening tray helps teeth turn into bright while sleeping.

What is self-whitening??


Patients can gain white teeth through two to four weeks of self-whitening program at home. This program proceeds along with professional whitening treatment in order to earn better results fast. Patients apply bleaching gel onto the customized trays that the dental clinic has offered.

Self-whitening process and tray management

Brush your teeth first and apply bleaching gel onto the trays.

Make sure to place gel on the area where it touches teeth surface.

Bleaching gel container should be covered up with a lid.

Wear the trays over your teeth.

Wipe off excessive gel.

At this time, press the trays not to move.

Wear the trays for more than 5 hours. It is good to wear trays while sleeping at night.

Remove the trays next morning, rinse inside the mouth and brush teeth to remove the rest of bleaching gel.

Wash the trays using a toothbrush with cold water and store the trays inside the case for the next use.