Prosthesis Treatment

Teeth are not regenerative Unlike other human tissues, teeth are not regenerative. This is why Prosthesis Treatment is necessary for maintaining the natural functions of the teeth by placing an artificial substitute.

What is Prosthesis Treatment?

When patients get teeth extraction or an irreversible dental damage, they are given artificial teeth. This procedure is called Prosthesis Treatment.


Types of Prosthesis Treatment


It is often used when the affected area is not large or when cavity is formed or there is a minor damage on the front teeth. This is a treatment taking aesthetic factors into the consideration. Patients can be treated with the resin in the closest color to their own teeth and it takes very short time. However, it is not suitable for the teeth whose affected area by caries is large.


Inlay is recommended when the damaged area is large or located on a molar where much of chewing force is applied. In the treatment, removing the infected part of the tooth and making teeth impression are preceded. Resin, ceramic and gold inlay that are harmless to human body and equipped with aesthetic factors are often used to recover the original functions and the shape of the teeth.


It is to cover the whole teeth with prosthetic appliances such as gold crowns or all ceramic crowns. In general, crowns are used on the front teeth and small molars considering aesthetic aspects. In addition, when teeth are severely affected by cavity or when the cavity has been developed extensively, crown treatment is performed to recover the original functions and shape of the teeth by covering the affected teeth after being treated.


It is classified as one of crown treatments. In this treatment, three teeth are covered in order to restore the area where tooth is lost. The front and the rear tooth of the tooth loss serve as a bridge to connect them. It allows patients to recover the tooth loss quickly but the front and the rear teeth should be trimmed. To make up the disadvantage, Implant Treatment is more frequently performed.


Denture is used for those who lost majority of their teeth or all of them. This treatment is usually performed for the elderly using remained teeth and gums to support the prosthetic appliance. In some cases of partial denture, the remained teeth can be covered in order to hang the denture hook on the teeth. On the average, denture treatment requires some time to adapt the gums.