Recovering natural teeth

No dental implant can be replaced with natural teeth although the artificial teeth are made of the best materials or dental implant is successful finished. The basic principle of Hus-hu dental clinic is making the most efforts to recovering natural teeth for patients. Pros and Cons of Tooth Replantation

Receiving dental implant operation after dental extraction must be the last resort in dental treatment. No dental implant can be replaced with natural teeth. As long as the periodontal ligament remains healthy, replantation of teeth can be used. The tooth with inflammation underneath is extracted to remove inflammation and then replanted. If the root of the decayed or broken tooth is still healthy, a shortened or damaged crown can be extended with a ceramic crown instead of extracting the whole tooth. . It is the basic part of treatment of Hus-hu dental clinic aiming at utilizing patients’ natural teeth instead of implanting artificial ones.

1. Replantation of teeth

Teeth Replantation is a treatment for reusing an extracted tooth. This can be performed to patients whose tooth should be extracted due to no further improvement or recurrent inflammation around artificial post in periodontal ligament after root-canal work. Tooth replanta