Laminate is cosmetic dentistry used for restoration of patients’ teeth that are twisted, discolored, broken or uncomely.

What is Laminate?


It is the most aesthetic area restoring teeth to normal from the discolored, broken, abnormal or gapped teeth while maintaining natural teeth itself. This treatment is placing thin ceramic veneers on teeth after trimming. It transforms projecting, gapped and discolored teeth into even and white teeth. Prompt effects of orthodontia and teeth whitening can be earned at the same time. Patients’ own teeth shape and ratio, gums line and facial shape are analyzed under this treatment so patients can change their teeth to what they really want to.

Advantages of laminate

  • It is available with affordable costs.
  • Laminate veneers cost less than crowns.
  • Patients get results in short period of time.
  • The entire treatment process is done approximately in five days with only two visits to the clinic.
  • Patients can preserve their natural tooth structure as much as possible.
    The amount of tooth reduction is minimal.
  • The material for laminate veneers is more durable and stronger than resin.
    It is a kind of odontoplasty.
  • It is usually painless procedures and does not require anesthesia.

Candidates for laminate

  • People who have gapped teeth.
  • People who have broken front teeth.
  • People whose teeth are stained or discolored.
  • People who have microdontia, abnormal or conical teeth
  • People who have dental caries (for patients who cannot be treated with the existing resin due to decay on proximate surface)

Laminate cosmetic dentistry and color

It is advisable to place six laminate veneers on both the upper and lower teeth in order to maximize effect of the treatment. It is available only for a tooth that does not look good but treatment only for individual tooth is not recommended when the entire teeth are discolored. Because only the treated tooth becomes white and that looks awkward. Teeth whitening treatment can preceed first to make even color of teeth when discoloration looks so severe.

Post Management of laminate

Please observe the recommendation as below.

  • Proper teeth brushing and regular teeth scaling are needed to maintain your dental health.
  • Avoid biting or chewing solid or hard food with front teeth.
  • Be careful of external shocks to avoid damaging on attached veneers.
    Regular dental check-up is needed.
  • Avoid drinking hot and cold drinks for the first 24 hours after treatment.

Candidates for Cosmetic Dentistry

01. Patients who cannot smile broadly due to gapped front teeth, broken or chipped teeth.’

02. Patients who want to smile confidently.

03.Patients who want to receive orthodontics but hesitate due to time and appearance.

04. Patients who have a color change and discolor on teeth.


What is Minimal Laminate?

Minimal tooth trimming laminate is one of cosmetic dentistry methods to make the front teeth beautiful without teeth trimming. Ceramic veneers, 0.2mm width are used in this treatment to bring out even and beautiful teeth without any teeth trimming.

Treatment process


❶ Make a diagnosis and plan

In order to set a plan of minimal tooth trimming laminate, dentists take pictures or scan X-ray of teeth, if needed. Checking teeth color and taking a plaster cast of the teeth to examine the exact teeth shape.


➋Producing model veneers

Making model veneers which fits to patients teeth to check the color and shape. If patients like the model, dentists start to produce minimal tooth trimming laminate.


❸Producing veneers for minimal tooth trimming laminate

Procedures of taking an impression and checking teeth color and shape are performed to make veneers fit with patients’ teeth.


➍ Set for minimal tooth trimming laminate

Bonding the veneer for minimal tooth trimming laminate. There are no needs for placing a temporary veneers and anesthesia because trimming teeth is not necessary in this treatment.

Candidates for Minimal teeth trimming laminate

1. Patients who cannot smile broadly due to gapped front teeth and crooked teeth.

2. Patients who want to smile confidently.

3. Patients who hesitate to get cosmetic dentistry due to teeth trimming.

4. Patients who cannot expect desirable results from teeth whitening treatment due to severe discoloration.

5. Patents that cannot make frequent visits to a dental clinic for receiving cosmetic dentistry treatment.


1. The veneers used in minimal teeth trimming laminate are so thin. Are the veneers non-breakable?

They are highly unlikely to be break after bonding to abutments. The veneers using for this treatment is very thin. Therefore, once they cemented on abutments they are rarely movable and breakable. In addition, they are perfectly solidified with enamel and stronger than the existing laminate.

2. Is minimal teeth trimming laminate available for the patients even with severe discoloration?

Permanent teeth whitening effects through this treatment are possible even for the teeth that are severely damaged by discoloration. Excess use of antibiotics can cause permanent teeth discoloration and dying nerves can cast a gray-black color to teeth. In those cases, minimal teeth trimming laminate is also available with permanent teeth whitening effects.

3. How long does minimal teeth trimming laminate last?

The effects from this treatment last for seven to twenty years similar to other prosthetic appliances. However, all prosthetic appliances have different life expectancy depending on how they are treated.

4. Are there any allergic reactions to minimal teeth trimming laminate?

The material of veneer is Lithium disilicate glass-ceramic which is harmless to human body. While manufacturing, it aims at making as if it slightly pushes up gums. So patients can expect healthy gums later on.

5.What can patients do if they are not satisfied with minimal teeth trimming laminate?

Restoration to the original state is possible in this treatment because it does not come along with teeth shaving off.