100% customized lingual bracket Incognito


Incognito is 100% customized to the lingual surfaces of the patient’s teeth by using specialized CAD/CAM software is used to design and build customized bracket. The wire geometry is calculated and fabricated by the latest computer technology, so it is a highly precise and 100% customized set of braces designed for each patient.

Thus, Incognito can only be done by certified orthodontists who completed the Incognito certification course. Hus-hu Orthodontics is Incognito certified.

Incognito vs Conventional braces (lingual braces)

type Incognito Conventional braces (lingual braces)
Bracket Manufacturing The device used is 100% customized and suited for correction of all types of malocclusions. Standard device – one size fits all
Size About 1/3 of conventional lingual braces, and the bracket is manufactured as small as possible and fitted to the back surface of the teeth. The bracket is large and long because only one size of bracket is available.
Discomfort Most patients experience minimal discomfort and speech interference because it minimizes friction with the tongue. Also, small braces are better for maintaining good oral hygiene. Large braces can cause discomfort and initial speech interference.
Treatment Period Treatment period is shortened by 3~4 months with the use of highly specialized software. The treatment period depending on the individual prescription

Procedures of Incognito



Get your teeth examined by Incognito certified orthodontists to set a customized treatment plan



Make dental impressions of upper & lower teeth and send them to Incognito Headquarter in Germany.



Produce 100% customized Incognito brackets using high-resolution CAD/CAM system.



Produced Incognito brackets are placed on a high-precision silicone tray to create custom fit wire using robot-banding system.

incognito5 (1)


A certified orthodontist attaches Incognito brackets onto the rear side of teeth surface.



As soon as the wire is inserted through the Incognito brackets, misaligned teeth will start moving to its designated place according to the initial treatment plan.