hus-hu Implant

One of the prime reasons of holding off receiving dental treatment is dental fear.

hus-hu maintains high tech equipment for precise diagnosis and uses PRF program for helping quick recovery, all of which aims at removing unpleasant experiences in dental clinics.

Advantage of hus-hu Implant

  • Test equipment for providing patients with accurate and safe treatment
  • PRF system that facilitates quick hemostasis and recovery.

Test equipment for providing patients with accurate and safe treatment

Exact diagnosis about dental

conditions before receiving treatment should come first to bring healthy and beautiful teeth.

Dentists should pay attention to diagnosing accurately and offering safe treatment in order to eliminate discomfort to their patients. Hus-hu dental clinic is putting its endeavor to provide exact diagnosis and safe treatment.

Pax-Reve, Dental Clinic-only CT analysis system


For safe implant placement and desirable result from teeth correction, exact check-up on the structure, healthiness and the condition of soft tissues in the alveolar bone are essential. Hus-hu has Pax-Reve, dental clinic-only CT. Its Invivo analysis system can confirm not only the whole structure of facial bones but also observe the location of nerves, blood vessels, soft tissues and the density of the alveolar bone. This in turn helps dentists make exact diagnosis. They decide the necessity of bone graft in dental implant surgery and figure out the ease of teeth relocation in teeth correction treatment.

The advantages of Pax-Reve, Dental Clinic-only CT

It takes only 0.3 seconds on CT scan so that patients feel less discomfort and there is no image distortion.

Reducing radiation exposure

CT scan for dental treatment generates one fiftieth of radiation exposure in general. hus-hu Pax-Reve 3D CT has decreased by 50 percent from the regular amount.

Artificial Intelligent AUTO Focusing

Wide ranges of planes in oral decay is multiscaned and the images contains are reorganized. As a result, there are no distortions in images even taken from patients who have difficulty maintaining correct posture or who have imbalanced oral decay.

MAR Image technology

hus-hu provides the highest quality of images produced from CT that maintains Artificial Shadow Removal techniques developed by corporation with KAIST.

05 Precise diagnoses

Hus-hu checks the structure and healthiness of the alveolar bone. Through this, dentists decide whether bone graft is required or not and how much of bones are necessary for bone grafting before performing dental implant. All these procedures are to make exact decision for the treatment.

PRF program responsible for hemostasis and recovery

PRF is abbreviation of PLATELET-RICH FIBRIN. It does not contain