Dental diseases are mainly caused by unhealthy gums.

. Hus-hu dental clinic will make our patients have beautiful smile with healthier and more beautiful gums.

All about Gingivoplasty

What is Gingivoplasty?


When your gums are healthy, your healthy teeth come..

Gingivoplasty is a treatment for making beautiful smile as well as preventing from gums diseases. It makes teeth symmetric and beautiful when smiling. Not only for the gums line but also for the color of gums that became dark due to melanin pigmentation, this treatment allows patients to regain confident smile by restoring healthy-looking natural gum color.

Advantages of Gingivoplasty

The surgery only requires 30-minute for one session.

Patients can smile confidently with beautiful smile line.

Little side effects including little bleeding and quick recovery.

Gingivoplasty procedures

  • Melanin pigmentation removal

Melanin pigmentation in gums makes gums look dark and give unfavorable impression when smiling. This can develop a complex to people. Hus-hu dental clinic can make healthy and beautiful gums minimizing pain.

  • Crown angioplasty

It is difficult for patients to have natural smile when the length of tooth is short or gums appear too much when smiling. So patients tend to cover their mouth with a hand when smiling or make awkward smile. Hus-hu dental clinic solves these problems through performing crown angioplasty.

Candidates for crown angioplasty

People those who have gummy smile.

People whose mouth become asymmetrical when smiling

People those who have dark gums due to melanin pigmentation.

People whose gum tissues overgrown making teeth short.

Post-treatment care

Gingivoplasty is performed with using a dental laser or performing a surgical operation.

There are no specific precautions because edema and bleeding do not come when it is performed with laser.

Surgical operation in which both periodontal tissue and alveolar bone are removed may cause edema and an acute pain but they are not too serious condition.

Acute melanism in gums is required three to four times of decortication.]