High-end equipment in Hus-hu dental clinic realizes scientific treatments.

hus-hu Orthodontics, Implant

What are the differences in a delicate process between Hus-hu and the others?


Hus-hu’s exclusive high-tech CT system

Orthodontic specialists make a diagnosis based on 3D CT and involve from treatment to surgery planning.


The features of PAX – REVE 3D CT

1. Make a plan for orthodontic treatment based of an accurate diagnosis- Using panoramic radiography that specialized in digital analysis for making an orthodontic diagnosis.
2. 3D dental CT scanning- It improves accuracy in making diagnosis with three-dimensional CT scanning.
3. High-resolution image from One-Shot of head and neck scanning

Advantages of PAX – REVE 3D CT

1. Image diagnosis with only one-time scanning of maxillary sinus and TM.
2. It allows scanning for full mouth (both maxillary and submaxillary) diagnosis through FOB that optimizes dental diagnosis.
3. It enables selective scanning for maxillary or submaxillary depending on the type of patients’ medical treatment.
4. Dentists can perform root canal therapy and in-depth diagnosis on alveolar bone.

The need of 3D CT diagnosis

1. It allows successful result of dental implant surgery by making accurate diagnosis on anatomical structure before the treatment.
2. It helps save

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time by aiding dentists to make accurate judgment from making diagnosis to surgery.
3. It enables dentists to set a treatment plan intuitively and systemically by utilizing 3D.

Applicable areas of 3D scan in orthodontic

1. Predict the outcome by using 3D simulation after performing a treatment and surgery.
2. Diagnosis of impacted teeth.
3. Diagnosis of temporomandibular joint (TMJ)
4. Miniscrew implant placement


Thorough sterilization and disinfection system



Every medical tool is used only one time for each patient. All of them are under control after high pressure heating sterilization.

Hus-hu dental clinic maintains infection prevention and hygiene management system pursuing thorough hygiene management. Every medical tool is used only one time for each patient. All of them are under control after high pressure heating sterilization. We disinfect surgical instruments and treatment materials without damage to create an environment where patients ensure their treatment safe.


Autoclave Sterilizer

Autoclave sterilizes medical tools by steaming in high temperature and high pressure. Under the high temperature and high pressure, microbial structure changes itself into irreversible and ends up dying. It is generally known that sterilizing under 121eh for 15 minutes kills most of microorganisms.


Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic cleaner uses ultrasonic waves (15-400khz) and unique cleansing liquid to eliminate nay even fine matters. In particular, ultrasonic cleaner system

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in medical field has been proved far more effective than other cleansing system.


Handpiece Cleanser

Handpiece is the most frequent-use instrument in dental clinics. Hus-hu dental clinic devotes itself to maintain thorough hygiene management by sterilizing handpiece every time it used in order to keep patients from infection.


Air Sterilizer

Hus-hu dental clinic uses air sterilizer to kill harmful bacteria so that patients are free from getting tuberculosis, asthma, allergy, and rhinitis. More importantly, it sterilizes super bacteria and helps the clinic be clean and safe.

Water Purification System

hus-hu dental clinic maintains water purification system for hygiene. We use clean water good enough for patients to drink during receiving dental treatment. It is managed with more filters used than homes.