What is Autologous bone grafting?

Patients own bone is used as a material of artificial tooth for dental implant. As a result, bone grafting can be safer than using other materials.

The extracted tooth of patients is used as a material for bone grafting instead of bones of other people or animal when performing dental implant. Autologous bone grafting helps alveolar bone to be stronger and makes the operation safer than using other materials. Ha, the main component of the extracted tooth is reprocessed using collagen to create a material for autografting. And the material is used in performing dental implant for the patient. In this operation, as patients’ own tooth is utilized as a part of bone grafting materials, there are no genetic or infectious risks to patients.


Autologous bone grafting material preserves collagen, the organic matter and one of components of tooth, and has the same bone-induced ability. So the material can accelerate the process of bone remodeling to transform itself to a part of patients’ own alveolar bone and to be equipped with masticatory function. Using heterogeneity for the material of bone grafting raises concerns over transferring infectious diseases. But autologous bone grafting uses patients’ own bone in the operating so patients have no rejection and infectious diseases.



Cleansing the extracted tooth and keep it in a refrigerator. Making out a letter of request regarding the tooth such as the patient’s name, birth year and date, extracted site and due date for the operation.


The extracted tooth undergoes the process of cleaning and disinfecting to become one of materials for bone grafting and this is delivered to dental clinics.


Autologous bone grafting takes place when bone grafting is required in the process of dental implant.


1. How many teeth are required to make autologous bone for grafting?

Around 0.5cc~0.7cc from premolar and 0.6cc ~1 cc from molar teeth are needed in order to form a material for bone grafting. A tooth for using dental implant needs 0.6cc~1 cc of artificial bone.

2. Can patients receive Immediate Dental Implant with autologous bone grafting?

Unfortunately, it takes 10 days to make bone grafting materials with patients’ own tooth. So in order to receive bone grafting operation using autologous bone, patients need to wait for 10 days after tooth extraction. Then bone grafting and dental implant will take place. Patients can store autologous bone for one year for the use of bone grafting materials.

3. . Is autologous bone more effective than artificial bone as a bone grafting material?

Autologous bone as a bone grafting material has the abilities of bone regeneration and conduction preserving 100% of organic collagen like the bones in our body. Patients can get more benefits than from artificial bone grafting materials during the process of bone reproduction and grafting. There is no fear of having infectious disease or body rejection that could be seen when heterogeneous bones are used.

4. Is the cost of receiving bone grafting made with autologous bone more expensive than bone grafting made with artificial bone?

Both of them cost similar. The more bone grafting patients receive the cheaper the cost is in the case of using autologous bone grafting materials. Patients show high level of satisfaction as they cost less while using their own tooth.