The method of laminate is attaching an artificial tooth veneer on an existing tooth while all-ceramic is covering a whole tooth with an artificial tooth. Depending on the condition of teeth, there are people who are not available with laminate. So this is one of cosmetic dentistry for those people.

All about All-ceramic

What is All-Ceramic?


All-ceramic is a treatment for large and projected front teeth to put inside by covering with porcelain teeth within short period of time. It is also performed when laminate is not available because treated area is wide. Unlike laminate that attaches a thin porcelain veneer on an existing tooth, all-ceramic is covering a whole damaged tooth. Therefore, patients are able to restore their even set of teeth.

In the past, porcelain artificial teeth were used for the front teeth. At that time, the large part of the artificial one was made with metal and only the outer side was made with porcelain. As a result, the teeth did not look natural as sun light could not penetrate. And in many cases, the upper part of the gums looked black. In contrast, all-ceramic contains only high-intensity specialized porcelain and it makes artificial teeth look very natural by allowing sun light to penetrate and preventing from creating black color in gums.

Advantages of All-ceramic

Patients can see orthodontics effects in a short time.

Rapid orthodontics effects can be seen with only two-three visits to the clinic for the completion of the procedure.

The color and shape are almost the same with natural teeth.

They are more durable and long-lasting than resin.

It is strongly recommended for people who want teeth like celebrities.

Differences between All-ceramic and laminate

The biggest difference between them is covering or attaching with artificial teeth. The condition of teeth determines which one would be suitable for each patient.

In laminate, the trimming scope is small but patients can get the best outcome. Meanwhile, All-ceramic is employed for a severely damaged tooth to be covered so the amount of tooth trimming is larger than that of laminate. But patients can restore even set of teeth from All-ceramic.

Post Management of All-ceramic

  • Post Management of All-ceramic
  • Regular dental check-up is needed
  • All-ceramic also can be broken so patients should receive regular dental
    check-up on a yearly basis.