Accelerated Orthodontics

A special orthodontic treatment for beautiful teeth

Accelerated Orthodontics: short treatment period but visible result.

Accelerated Orthodontics combines the use of miniscrew and new procedures and devices along with periodontal (gum) treatments and plastic surgery to bring about a faster aesthetic result than traditional metal braces.

Reduced overall treatment period

Also applicable for orthodontics for adults who may have poor gum conditions

More affordable treatment price compared to orthognathic surgery

Types of Accelerated Orthodontics



This method embeds mini screws onto periodontal bone in order to shorten the time required for the initial alignment and the closure of tooth extraction space. It can shorten orthodontic procedure by 5~6 months by preventing unwanted movement of the teeth. Also, you don’t feel their existence during the treatment once mini screws are embedded inside the periodontal bone.



Alveolar bone that surrounds teeth is composed of 2 different layers; spongy bone on the inside and cortical bone on the outside. Corticotomy removes the part of cortical bone in order to shorten the time for teeth movement since its thick and solid bone composition hinders the movement. Corticotomy is especially effective for correcting protruding teeth and malocclusion. Accelerated orthodontic treatment using corticotomy usually takes approximately one year to complete.


In order to reposition protruding teeth and periodontal bone backward, osteotomy is performed on the bone segment where a tooth is extracted. Anterior segmental osteotomy is a great option for those with protruding mouth since it involves in repositioning periodontal bone as well as the teeth.

Anterior segmental osteotomy, ASO

Advantages of Accelerated Orthodontic Programs at Hus-hu


 Provides systematic treatment plan through the coordination of recognized orthodontists and oral surgeons
Minimizes possible pain and irritation after the procedure using Ultrasonic Osteotomy called Piezo
Provides precise diagnosis with 3D CT called CDCT
Provides painless conscious sedation

Recommended for


Accelerated Orthodontics is recommended for:
Patients who need early completion of orthodontic procedure
Patients who are not comfortable with long treatment period
Patients who need a longer and intense orthodontic treatments due to their teeth conditions
Patients who are reluctant to undergo orthodontic treatments due to age